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The Need for Dog Travel Bowls

Just like you, your dog needs to keep hydrated when he's hard at play or exercising. Without proper hydration, your dog can quickly become lethargic and sluggish or even sick. At home, it's easy for your dog to get all the water that he needs; however, many pet owners find it difficult to keep their dogs properly hydrated while on the go. Some people try to carry their dogs' water bowls with them, but find it difficult to bring along a bulky water bowl, especially while hiking or running. Public parks and dog parks sometimes provide drinking areas especially for pooches, but these troughs and bowls are often unsanitary and can be breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and other microbes. Giving your dog water from a regular water bottle designed for humans is another option, but this can be messy and frustrating for both you and your pet.

Stylish & Portable Folding Dog Bowls

Fortunately, there is a solution for keeping your dog well hydrated wherever your travels take you: the Bliss Paws Collapsible Travel Bowl. This handy dog travel bowl was designed with pet owners like you in mind and is sure to become one of the first things that you reach for when you head out to the park, your local nature trails or anywhere else that you love to travel to with your dog. You can fill the Collapsible Travel Bowl with water from your own water bottle, bring along a bottle especially for your pooch or use public water fountains to fill it. Then, you can place the bowl on any flat surface and allow your dog to drink. After your dog has finished drinking, you can easily shake off the water, collapse it, put in the pouch and be on your way. The Collapsible Travel Bowl is not only great for outings, but is convenient to take with you on vacations. If you're traveling by air, the bowl can be easily placed in a suitcase, and if your trip will be taken by car, you can keep one in your glove compartment. Once you try this amazing product, you'll wonder how you and your pet ever managed without it. The convenience of the Collapsible Travel Bowl also makes it a great gift for any dog owner, and at our low price, you can afford to pick up a few to keep handy for presents.